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9 September
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Name: Lauren
Nickname(s): Loz, Lozzy, Waussie, Chicken girl, Lozerenie, cough lollie and Jelliebean!

I'm posting this here coz it wouldn't let me put it where i wanted -

Music - Everything - i'm really eclectic in my music taste, i've got everything from hilary duff to placebo on my ipod

Movies/TV - can't go wrong with good ol' M.A.S.H, i also love Buffy, Gilmore Gilmore girls, the youngh ones ( but put me in front of the idiot box and i'll pretty much watch anything - cept big brother YUCK!), with movies i'm the same i can't chose a fave the others might get jealous

Books - ANYTHING! i'm kind of a book whore

Hobbies - reading,writting, skiing (both water and snow), netball, hanging out with friends, taking silly photos/videos, baking

Other - I love carnivals/shows/festivals. when i grow up I wanna be a carny - well not really but fairy floss, rides and buskers what more could you want?

Interesting titbit about me that i'n sure your just dying to know - I'm really very immature according to my friend i've got the mental age of a four year old on speed
AAAAAAAAAANNNNNDDDDDD thats all folks! Well thats all your getting anyway - You could be a stalker!


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